A Trust-Wide Computing Curriculum with 2Simple 

We know that, in an increasingly digital world, it is vital that our pupils develop strong computing skills early on in their schooling to give them the best chance of success in their education and beyond. As in all curriculum areas, we believe that teaching and learning in Computing must be highly ambitious, well-designed, well-sequenced and supported by continuous professional development. 

We therefore sought an external partner to help bring our Computing curriculum to life across our primary academies. After a competitive tendering process, 2Simple’s Purple Mash programme was chosen to support our staff to deliver high-quality content with confidence. The software and training were deployed across SJCMAT in September 2022. 

Purple Mash allows Key Stage 1 and 2 children to learn key skills such as coding, email and online safety through an engaging and interactive application. The ready-made resources and training allow staff to deliver the programme with confidence and ensure consistency of approach across our settings.  

One year on, our partnership with 2Simple has been transformational. The interactive nature of the Purple Mash programme has helped to reinforce key concepts, leading to improved retention of pupils’ key knowledge and skills. Feedback has shown that both staff and pupils are enjoying the Computing curriculum more, and Computing is now a well-performing subject area. 

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